Balancing the Brands vision with package compatibility can have a large impact on the materials used for your package. We offer a wide range of materials that can be used in stock packages from plastic, PCR, glass, aluminum and bamboo as examples, and we are happy to consult and provide guidance on material selection & decoration based on your Brands needs.



Lastly, the final piece of the puzzle that is your unique look is how your branding and product information are printed onto your packaging. Here, we offer a full range of options, including silk screening, offset printing, HTL/Heat Transfer Label, hot stamping, laser etching. We also offer services to customize printed boxes for your packaging needs. If you feel overwhelmed by the options, our experts can help guide you.



Another important factor in achieving your desired look is in the way your packaging is finished. We offer many different options for you to choose from, including in-mold color, inner and outer sprays, metallization, and spray finishes like pearl, matte, soft touch, glossy, and frosted.


Whether you’re creating a complete packaging product, or just want to dress up an existing container, our private-mold service can create packaging for your unique design, and our engineers are here to help you every step of the way, from technical and 3D drawings to suggestions about the best materials to use.